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Barnardos calls for government to honour commitments to vulnerable children.

Posted on Wednesday 16 September 2020 in Press Releases

Now, more than ever, investment promised in Programme for Government is vital.

Dublin, 16th September 2020– Barnardos has today launched its annual Pre-Budget Submission and is calling on the Government to invest in its key Programme for Government commitments to vulnerable children and families in Budget 2021. The charity is warning that without investment this year vulnerable children, who have already suffered considerably through the covid pandemic, will be left even further behind. 


Suzanne Connolly, Barnardos CEO, said: “The Programme for Government contains clear commitments to children, but without sustained investment throughout the lifetime of this Government many of these initiatives will never get off the ground. We are calling on the Government to make its intentions clear by commencing investment in its key commitments in Budget 2021. 


“Earlier this year Barnardos welcomed the Government’s promise to strengthen early intervention and family support services through pro-active expansion of services that have strong outcomes for children and their families. We see first-hand the positive affect evidence based services located in families’ own community can have on the type of vulnerable children Barnardos works with. Children who have experience of mental ill health, domestic violence, addiction, abuse or neglect within their family, benefit from early intervention and family support services - the kind of services the Government has promised to invest in. Delaying investment could have serious and negative implications for these children.  


Elsewhere in the Programme for Government there is commitment to replace the Direct Provision system with a not-for profit model which has human rights at its core; to enact the Family Court Bill and create a dedicated Family Court; to expand the free schoolbooks pilot scheme and reduce the use of voluntary contributions; and to deliver more health care in the community. If implemented, these initiatives would mean a real change in the lives of all children, but would be particularly impactful for vulnerable children. 


“We have seen time and again where Governments make commitments at the start of their term which are overtaken or fall by the wayside. This risk is now heightened, given the global pandemic – with resources being understandably required to respond to the public health crisis. We implore this government to remain steadfast on the longer term outcomes of children, particularly vulnerable children, who have suffered to a greater extent during this pandemic. None of us know what the future holds and that has never been more pertinent than it is today. Now more than ever, we are urging the Government to demonstrate their commitment to children by investing in them in Budget 2021.” 




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Read Barnardos Pre-Budget Submission 


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