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Leave a Legacy

Leave a Legacy

Pass it on. Include a gift in your Will

Hi, I’m Ciara McGowan and I’m the Legacies Manager at Barnardos in Ireland. You can contact me via email to [email protected] or give me a call on 01 7080 469.

Barnardos Ireland has been working tirelessly since 1962 to support children, and their families and communities, who have been facing adversity. We have learned how trauma impacts these children, and how left unsupported, can lead to unfavourable outcomes later in life and pass down through future generations.

Our vision is that every child is able to reach their full potential, to give them the best chance at life. We are so grateful to have so many kind supporters who share that vision and enable us to do the work that we do.

In 2022, we were able to help 20,838 children and families. I wish I could tell you that the numbers seeking help are decreasing, but unfortunately due to the various societal and economic challenges in Ireland at the moment, demand is only rising.

We know that we will need support well into the future, to keep doing the work that we do. One way you can join us on that mission, is to leave a gift in your Will to Barnardos.

By leaving a gift in your Will, you will pass on the security of a stable, happy home. You will pass on that warm and comfortable feeling that there is a community out there supporting you, wanting the best for you. You will pass on the feeling that the future is going to be brilliant! What better legacy to leave behind?

We fully understand that this is a very important and personal decision. If you wanted to have a chat in confidence to get some more information, please do give me a call on 01 7080 469 or email me.

Perhaps you would like to organise a visit to one of our centres, to see the impact that donations like yours are currently having. I would be more than happy to organise that for you.

Rest assured that you are under no obligation and your intentions can change at any time.

If you have already been thinking of supporting Barnardos’ work well into the future by leaving a gift in your Will, thank you. We really can’t tell you how much we appreciate the support of people like you. To know that you trust us with your donation, to help as many children as we can.
Usually your solicitor will need the following information about us;
Barnardos Ireland
4 Christchurch Square
Dublin 8
D08 DT63
Registered charity no: 20010027

What I Hope To Pass On With A Gift To Barnardos In My Will” – Gráinne O’Kelly

Gifts can come in all shapes and sizes. Big ones, small ones and the ones in between.

The most common are:

  • A pecuniary gift; this is a specific sum of money you may decide to donate
  • A residuary gift; this is a percentage of the value of your estate. It could be anything from 1% to 100%, that choice is yours. Rest assured that every cent we receive is gratefully appreciated and will be put to use where it’s needed the most.

Thank you for considering supporting Barnardos Ireland with a gift in your Will.

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