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T for Think Smart

Welcome to ‘T’ for for Think Smart.

Ideal for blended learning – watch the video and use the worksheet below for children, with the aide of a Powerpoint for teachers. 


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Here you will find the video and worksheet about Tadhg, the singer in our online safety band.

This lesson looks at thinking smart online and covers:

  • Fake news and what to watch out for
  • The difference between fact and opinion
  • Being careful about strangers online and how to spot fake accounts
Watch the 15 min video above and download the work sheet. 

Here you will find a Powerpoint that uses the same content as in the student video, but allows you as a teacher to use it as a lesson plan for 3rd-6th class students for when you are in the classroom.

We have included notes underneath each slide which explain the activities and gives you further information when needed. Download the worksheet for your class as a handout.

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