Post adoption Course: Adopted Adults Groups

A four session evening course for adopted adults with Barnardos Post Adoption Service

Exploring Adoption

The “Exploring Adoption” course is facilitated by Barnardos experienced post adoption team each Spring and Autumn. It is suitable for adopted adults of all ages. The course explores issues such as:

  • how it feels to be adopted
  • preparing to search for your birth family
  • birth and adoptive family perspectives
  • outcomes of search for a birth family


Testimonials from previous participants:

It was such a relief to talk to people who could completely understand how I feel about adoption – this was a first time for me. The best thing I ever did.

I was unsure whether I was ready to look for some information about my background – this course really helped prepare me for that first step

Hearing from a birth and adoptive mother’s perspective was an eye opener for me



For more information contact the Post Adoption Service service at (01) 813 4100


Our confidential helpline is available on 01 - 454 6388 and is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am - 1pm. or email [email protected]

Barnardos Post Adoption Service is supported by the Health Services Executive and through donations from people who use the service.