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Online Safety Programme FAQ

General information before booking


How are schools selected?

We are in year 5 of the partnership with to deliver online safety workshops in schools. We had an incredibly busy 2022/23 school year. As such, the there a number of schools on a waiting list for this academic year and they will get first preference for workshops. The booking form is closed for now but check back for updates or please email [email protected]

How does this process work?

Once a school completes the enquiry form and we know your two preferred dates or preferred week, we will get in touch with trainers in your area to assess their availability. This can take a few days as sometimes we might need to check a few trainers’ availability. While our preferred delivery method is face to face, if we don’t have a trainer in your area, we can offer our workshops virtually. 

Who are the workshops for?

We are targeting 3rd-6th class for our primary workshops. We also have a workshop for school teachers and staff and a parent workshop that is usually in the evening, or it can be a coffee morning at school drop off. 

What do your workshops cover?

Our children workshops focus on:

  1. making good choices and being kind online and
  2. thinking critically and smart about the information they see online.

They take a positive approach, they are discussion focussed and are interactive and engaging. They cover content such as cyberbullying, being an upstander online, safe passwords, digital wellbeing and balancing screen time and digital media literacy.

How much does it cost?

Thanks to the grant we’ve received from, we can offer our workshops at a significantly reduced rate. It is €50 per day, a non-refundable commitment fee which normally covers four 45 minute classroom based workshops. 

How many workshops can you do in a day?

Most schools will have 3 student workshops during the day and a parent session in the evening. In special circumstances and depending on the trainer, we can offer 5 workshops in a day. This would mean 4 student workshops (x2 5th class, x2 6th class) and a parent session in the evening. We strongly prefer including a parent session to make sure the messages are supported at home and we can offer this virtually if this suits parents more. 

Who are the trainers?

Our trainers are Garda Vetted and have been through a 2-month induction programme with rigorous reference checks. They have excellent experience delivering training to children and parents and they receive regular updates and training on online safety trends. If you need proof of Garda Vetting, we can establish a contract with your school before the workshop delivery and provide a letter explaining Barnardos has vetted the trainer.

Information for when you’ve booked

How will I know when my workshops are confirmed?

Once we have the start and finish times of workshops, confirmed the amount of workshops needed, as well as the trainer and the date confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email from us. 

What happens next?

The trainer will be in touch a few days before the workshop date to introduce themselves. They will ask about special educational needs in the class and if any of our content needs to be tailored to your group. They will confirm the timings with you, as well as amount of students in each class. If your sessions are virtual, they will conduct sound checks in advance to make sure the technology is working. 

What are the trainers’ requirements on the day?

The trainer should arrive 15-30 minutes before the first session. They will have a USB with them with the presentations. They will need access to a computer that has sound and access to the internet. The classroom teacher should remain in the classroom for the entirety of the workshop. This is for child protection reasons, as well as the teacher being aware of the online safety messages which they can follow up with the students at a later date, using Be Internet Legends resource materials.

How do I pay?

You will be sent an invoice in advance of the workshops. You can pay the 50euro by debit/credit card over the phone by calling us in the office and speaking to Therese or Tracey. Our number is 01-4530355. Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer, details will be on your confirmation email. If you need us to include a Purchase Order on the invoice, please let us know in advance. All payments will be receipted and payment is expected before workshop delivery.

What happens if I need to cancel or postpone the workshops?

Once confirmation emails have been sent, you will be charged a 50euro non-refundable commitment fee. Please contact the OSP team on phone or email with as much notice as possible so we can liaise with the trainer. We will try to reschedule your event as soon as possible.

What happens if the trainer needs to cancel or postpone the workshops?

If, due to sickness or unforeseen emergency circumstances, the trainer needs to cancel or postpone workshops, another workshop date will be arranged as soon as possible. As much notice as possible will be provided by the trainer and the Online Safety Programme team.

What do I do if I have a complaint or an issue?

Hopefully such a situation doesn’t arise, but if it does, please email [email protected]

After the workshop, does anything happen?

The trainer will give the teacher evaluations that can be done with the students in class. The teacher will also get an evaluation of their own. Evaluations are extremely important for us as a way to improve our workshops. 

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