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Early Intervention

Why we work with children

We work with children to help reduce the impact Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) may have on their development.

It is important to intervene as early as possible. Early intervention can be in the age of the child or the difficulty they are experiencing. Early Intervention is at the core of our work.

Possible reasons for early intervention

We work with children who experience one or more of the following challenges:

  • understanding or expressing emotions
  • managing conflict or demonstrating empathy for others
  • playing in a co-operative manner
  • sharing
  • making positive choices
  • understanding speech/language
  • They may have difficulties standing, walking, holding a pencil, picking up items or coordination due to poor gross and fine motor skills
  • Changes in their home or community which impact on their daily life and development

The Impact of Early Intervention

Through early intervention children are supported to develop life and education skills, such as the ability to make and sustain friendships, literacy skills, manage conflict, problem solving and self-regulate. These skills will be important throughout their life.

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