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An Introduction to the Arts in Pre-school

An Introduction to the Arts in Pre-school encourages you, the early years educator, to reflect on the Arts experiences you provide in your setting, and to think about how you can best nurture children’s artistic expressions and support their development as creative thinkers. This course was developed by Barnardos in collaboration with the National Childhood Network.

The course takes approximately 50 minutes to complete and there is a quiz at the end of each section. You can pause or stop the course at any time, and resume where you left off.

You can access a course certificate when you have completed the course.

Course Content

      • Section 1 examines what we mean by the Arts and explore what Arts experiences for young children might look like. It also looks at how the Arts are reflected in government frameworks and policies.

      • Section 2 considers why holistic and inclusive opportunities for artistic expression are so important for young children.

      • Section 3 explores the importance of the role of the early years educator in cultivating an Arts-rich environment.

      • Finally, Section 4 reflects on other aspects of the educator’s role in Arts provision, including documenting children’s experiences, displaying and sharing of their work, engaging with the Arts community, working with parents and self-assessing your arts provision

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