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Parental Mental Health - 2024

Parental Mental Health and the Impact on Children (2024) is a report outlining outlining the prevalence of poor parental mental health and the impact it has on children across the country. One in five (20%) parents said they are currently experiencing poor mental health.

The report outlines findings of a survey conducted by Amarach Research of a nationally representative survey of 300 parents and 15 one-to-one interviews with parents currently supported through Barnardos services.

Download a Copy of the Parental Mental Health Report & Executive Summary

What you told us about your Parental Mental Health

I had no energy, no motivation, no desire to look to the future. It takes over your mind, like a nasty weed growing and smothering all good thoughts.”

Anxiety leaves me feeling very tired physically and mentally which in turn affects my mood and again my tolerance for my children’s perfectly normal behaviours. I find myself snapping at them."  

Tiredness takes over – therefore I do not have the energy to make sure I cook a good meal or spend quality time with my children."

Inability to attend fully or listen to my children, felt like I couldn’t be present…often spent time in bed complaining of 'headache' to avoid interactions."

Barnardos Recommends

Develop a campaign raising the awareness of the impact of parental mental health on children, whilst seeking to address any stigma associated with it

Increase funding for targeted intensive family supports for parents facing mental health issues

Record the parenting status of all adults engaged with mental health services and automatically offer a referral to local family/parenting support services to all parents with children under 18 who are engaging with adult mental health services

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