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How does Big Active work and how do I implement it?
Barnardos Big Active promotes three different kinds of activities we call Body, Mind and Heart.

  • Physical challenges that take care of your body
  • Mindfulness exercises that look after your mental health; and
  • Activities that promote the importance of charity and helping others

If you haven’t already done so, view our teacher training video to support you in implementing Big Active with your class. 

What is the Big Active Month?
We would like schools to take part in a month long physical activity over what we’re calling their Big Active Month. What you do is up to you as long as it gets the heart pumping, it’s challenging and fun. We suggest that you plan your Big Active month before you break for summer holidays.

How do I fundraise?
Big Active is a wonderful way to introduce students to the positive activity of fundraising and the importance of charity. You have two fundraising options. Participating students can donate €2 each ORyou can raise money through a group sponsored challenge and students ask family and friends to sponsor their month long challenge. You can fundraise through traditional sponsorship cards or by setting up an online fundraising page. A link to your page can be shared by email, text, flier in students’ schoolbags or on your school social media.

Where will the funds we raise go to?
It’s important that your students know what a difference they are making so be sure to talk to them about what Barnardos do and where the funds raised will go. 

How do I return the funds we have raised?
If you are collecting cash, we ask that you send it to us as quickly as possible so we can start to put the money to good use straight away. If you are setting up an online fundraising page, the funds you raise will come to us directly.

We have a number of teachers participating. How do I make sure they receive the Big Active resources, lesson plans and webinars?
We ask that all participating teachers in your school register their details on this form so they don’t miss any of the resources to support them in their own classroom.

I can’t view the Big Active webinars in school. How do I view them?
If there are restrictions on YouTube access on your schools’ Wi-Fi, we recommend you view them at home.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or you have any feedback or suggestions on how Barnardos Big Active can further support you and your students, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected].

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